Stannah Vs Acorn Stairlifts

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

Stannah Vs Acorn Stairlifts

Those who are limited in their mobility but would still want to live in their own houses may do so with the help of a stairlift. The stairlift industry’s top companies are Stannah and Acorn. Both are well-known for their dedication to their customers and extensive selection of stairlifts, but there are important distinctions to remember before making a final choice on who you would like to buy from.

Reputation and Experience

It’s worth noting that although Acorn has only been around for about 25 years, Stannah has been doing business for over 150. Both organisations have earned a stellar reputation over many years for their dedication to excellence. Stannah is well-known for its fine quality and meticulous attention to detail, while Acorn is admired for its extensive product line and friendly, helpful staff.

Product Range

Outdoor, curved, and straight stairlifts are just some options from Stannah and Acorn. Custom stairlifts are available from both Stannah and Acorn, although Acorn can give you more leeway in design. Both companies will send a representative to your house to help you decide which stairlift is ideal.


Stairlift prices vary widely based on the specific model, number of amenities, and level of customisation.  It’s crucial to remember that the cheapest choice is sometimes the greatest in terms of quality and longevity.

Warranty and Service

Similarly to one another, Stannah and Acorn both provide after-sale support and warranty coverage for their respective goods. When comparing the warranties offered by these two manufacturers, you’ll see that Both businesses are well-known for their dedicated customer support teams and widespread network of local service agents.

What Are Some Stannah Stairlift Prices UK

Stannah is a well-known brand of stairlifts in the UK, offering a range of models to suit different types of staircases and user requirements. The prices of Stannah stairlifts in the UK can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of stairlift required, the features included, and the installation requirements. Here are some general price ranges for Stannah stairlifts in the UK:

  • Straight Stairlifts: Stannah straight stairlifts generally range from £2,000 to £3,500, depending on the features required.
  • Curved Stairlifts: Stannah curved stairlifts are more expensive and can cost between £3,000 and £7,000, depending on the complexity of the installation.
  • Outdoor Stairlifts: Stannah outdoor stairlifts are designed for outdoor use and cost between £3,500 and £6,000.
  • Reconditioned Stairlifts: Stannah also offers reconditioned stairlifts at a lower cost, with prices ranging from £1,500 to £2,500, depending on the model and features included.

It’s important to note that these are general price ranges, and the final cost may vary depending on the specific requirements and features of the stairlift. It’s recommended to contact Stannah or a local dealer for a more accurate quote based on your individual needs and staircase configuration. Prices could be more or even less than the ones above, so it is good to contact them directly. 

Can You Get A Acorn Standing Stairlift?

Yes, Acorn is a brand of stairlifts that offers standing stairlifts in the UK. Acorn stairlifts are known for their reliability, ease of use, and safety features. Their standing stairlift models are designed to meet the needs of individuals with mobility issues who prefer to stand while using the stairlift.

Acorn standing stairlifts feature a sturdy standing platform, a handrail for support, safety features such as sensors to detect obstructions on the stairs, and emergency stop buttons. They also have easy-to-use controls and a foldable design, making them a convenient and practical solution for individuals with limited mobility.

Suppose you are interested in an Acorn standing stairlift for your home. In that case, contacting Acorn or a local dealer is recommended to discuss your specific requirements and receive a quote based on your staircase configuration and the features needed.

Summary Of Stannah Vs Acorn Stairlifts

In conclusion, those with mobility challenges who stay in their own homes have two good stair lift alternatives: Stannah and Acorn. Both options have merits, and choosing between them depends on individual taste and practical needs. Before making a purchase, it’s crucial to consider the company’s history, product offerings, cost, and guarantee.

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