Common Stairlift Myths Answered

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

Common Stairlift Myths Answered

Some individuals think they know all there is to know about stairlifts when they just know the myths. We hope that at the end of this post, you will better understand stairlifts and be able to make a more educated choice about whether or not to purchase one.

Myth #1: Stairlifts Are Only For The Elderly

All ages may benefit from using a stairlift because it intends to aid those with mobility challenges. A stairlift may make getting about your house much simpler, whether your impairment is short-term or long-term.

Myth #2: Stairlifts Are Expensive

A stairlift’s price tag might change based on several variables, including the model chosen and the dimensions of the staircase. Stairlifts may be costly, but there are a variety of payment plans to make them more manageable. Stairlifts are convenient and beneficial to your home’s resale value and overall quality of life.

Myth #3: Stairlifts take up a lot of space

Stairlifts can be folded up and stored away easily. When not in use, most modern stairlifts fold up out of the way, reclaiming the stairs for those who need them. 

Myth #4: Stairlifts Are Difficult To Operate

Modern stairlifts are made to be user-friendly, with controls that are easy to understand and functions that are intuitively laid out. Most stairlifts can be controlled by a simple joystick or a series of pushbuttons; some models even come with remote controls.

Myth #5: Stairlifts Are Only For Indoor Use

There are stairlifts available for use both inside and outdoors. Those who need to access their outside living areas should seriously consider investing in an outdoor stairlift because of its resistance to the elements and ability to survive adverse weather conditions.

Summary Table

Stairlifts Are Only For The ElderlyAll ages may benefit from using a stairlift
Stairlifts Are ExpensivePrices vary, but payment plans are available. Stairlifts can increase home value and improve quality of life.
Stairlifts take up a lot of spaceStairlifts can be easily folded and stored away
Stairlifts Are Difficult To OperateModern stairlifts are user-friendly with easy-to-use controls
Stairlifts Are Only For Indoor UseStairlifts are available for indoor and outdoor use
Many things need to be clarified regarding stairlifts, even though they are useful for persons with mobility challenges. 

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