How Often Should Stairlifts Be Serviced?

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

How often should stairlifts be serviced?

If your stairlift has worked flawlessly for 12 months, it’s recommended that you get it serviced once a year. Stairlift businesses may suggest more frequent servicing, such as once every six months. Your stairlift’s continuous functioning depends on regularly servicing electrical and mechanical components.

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Stairlift Uk?

Stairlift maintenance is essential to ensure the safety of those using them. All you need to know about maintenance is right here. The typical price of repairs is around £220, and the maintenance/servicing is £210. However, depending on your choice of stairlift, prices might vary. Some stairlift costs may be more as they sometimes include servicing and repairs. However, check the terms and conditions, as this is not always the case.

What Does A Stairlift Service Involve?

The wiring and the moving parts have been inspected by qualified personnel. We will fix or replace the faulty component if there is any breakdown or wear. Regular inspections must identify weakened or worn parts before they cause serious issues. 

Why Is My Stairlift Going Slow?

If your stairlift is going slowly, it could be because the battery may be running very low. You should replace the battery pack. Speak to a stairlift engineer first. 

Why Is My Stairlift Making Noise?

The stairlift’s eerie grinding noises are most likely caused by worn rollers. The experts should deal with this. The stairlift’s rollers might be worn if the lift’s acceleration suddenly drops.

Summary Information
Cost of stairlift serviceAround £200
Cost of stairlift repairsAround £200
Cost of stairlift (includes service and repairs)Varies, check terms and conditions
Stairlift service involvesInspection of wiring and moving parts, fixing or replacing faulty components, identifying weakened or worn parts
Reason for slow stairliftBattery may be running low, replace battery pack
Reason for noisy stairliftMost likely caused by worn rollers, contact a stairlift engineer

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