Can A Stairlift Go Around Corners?

Last Updated on November 20, 2023

Can A Stairlift Go Around Corners?

People who have trouble ascending stairs due to mobility issues often find solutions in a stairlift. They make it easy and secure to move between floors in a building.

This article will discuss the challenges that stairlifts face while traversing curved staircases.

Limitations of Stairlifts on Stairways with Corners:

  • Traditional straight stairlifts are best suited for straight staircases with no turns or bends, thus the name. Because of this, they can’t make it around tight turns or up winding staircases.
  • Custom-made stairlifts are more costly and may not be covered by insurance, but you can mould them to fit any staircase, even those with turns and curves.

Solutions for Stairways with Corners:

  • Stairlifts that can go around curves and bends are called curved stairlifts. They may help those with mobility impairments who have difficulty ascending steps on stairways with corners since they are custom-made to match the contour of the stairwell.
  • Consider a platform lift if you or a loved one have mobility challenges and trouble mounting steps on stairways with corners. They act as a stepping stone to the next level, giving the person something solid to stand on.

Considerations Before Installing A Stairlift:

  • To ensure a successful stairlift installation, you must take exact measurements of the staircase before purchase. Consider the length, width, and any twists or bends of the stairs.
  • You should seriously consider the stairlift’s safety features to make sure they meet your worries.
  • Curved stairlifts and platform lifts may be more expensive than straight ones, so comparing prices is important before purchasing.

Summary Of Can A Stairlift Go Around Corners

While stairlifts are a convenient option for those with mobility challenges, they are limited in their use since they cannot turn corners. A straight stairlift cannot round curves or go around bends in the stairs, while a specialised stairlift may be too costly or not be reimbursed by insurance.

Staircases with sharp turns need special equipment, such as a curved stairlift or a platform lift. Before buying a stairlift, it is essential to visit a specialist and get the staircase dimensions.

Before making a purchase, consider the features that will keep you safe, how much it will cost, and what characteristics are necessary.

With the correct equipment, people with trouble walking can easily go about their homes and other structures.

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